Keracolor Color Clenditioner Light Pink 355ml


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Nine, easy-to-use, vivid, bright colors that infuse just the right amount of semi-permanent direct dye with every wash, leaving hair clean, soft, shiny, and full of lush colour. The more consecutive washes and the longer the Color + Clenditioner is left on the hair the more vibrant and bolder the colour will be. Depending on the porosity of the hair and the colour chosen, pigments will last l 0-15 shampoos! This versatile new product can be used in a variety of ways. Kick up that colour in between salon services by adding stunning hues to pre lightened hair that is a level 7 or higher. Perfect for vivid clients that want to maintain and refresh on a weekly basis in-between their colour service. They can also be used as a toner. Counter any underlying pigments from a previous colour at the shampoo bowl in minutes without using harsh chemicals.